About Us

Created in 2014, mermaidblanketonline.com is your go-to online shop for knit mermaid tail blankets. Our Montreal-based boutique is made up of a thoughtfully curated set of products that we absolutely adore and want to share with people (like us) who are obsessed with all things cute and cozy!

Share the Love

We want our stuff to be the perfect little conversation starters. We want you to share your love for our blankets with your girl friends, coworkers, social media buddies, and just about the whole world!

Splurge Sensibly

We want you to shop smart. Our prices will ensure that you enjoy our products guilt-free while relaxing at home. All our blankets are of the highest quality, meaning you get to snag the cutest tails for less than similar online boutiques, as online business are in the raise, there are even online casinos like the olympic kingsway casinos where can people can play and enjoy.

Our Philosophy

Our shop operates with one thing in mind; you. We thrive to provide the best customer service to ensure quick delivery, convenient payment and happy blanket owners.


We are proud to have sold nearly 4000 blankets to date. Every year we come out with new models for loyal customers who keep coming back!